Dual Facial Recognition & Temperature Measurement Camera

Thermal Imaging System That Has

  1. Industrial grade recognition accuracy level
  2. Artificial intelligence dynamic tuning compensation method
  3. Intelligent Facial Recognition with mask wearing
  4. High-resolution thermal imaging temperature calibration

Product Features 

Infrared Temperature Measurement

Temperature measurement within 100ms (@2m), +/- 0.3 C temperature measurement accuracy (@ambient temperature 20 ~ 45 C), suitable for indoor windless environment

Facial Recognition

100ms accurate facial recognition, effective intelligent compensation for face and clothing temperature.

High Temperature Alarm

Real-time audible and visual alarm for abnormal temperature. Dual authorisation on temperature and facial recognition for access programmable.

Backend Management

Real Time upload of facial and temperature information. Temperature threshold customisable. Support private or cloud recording of information. 


Product Deployment 

  1. Coordinate passage entrances to the system
  2. Passes the system in sequence and in line and not in a crowd with some hidden behind others
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  • Airport
  • Train station
  • Harbour 
  • School
  • Hospital 
  • Tourist Attraction
  • Company
  • Market

Product Specifications

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Normal Price - SGD $14,800

Special Covid-19 Discount of 35%

applicable until 31st December 2020

Current Price - SGD $9,620

Prices includes - Delivery, Installation and Set-Up of the system. Full training and commissioning. Link to storage option. Quarterly Maintenance of system and software. 12 months on-site Guarantee on system and software.
Optional Subsequent Yearly Quarterly Maintenance price - SGD $900
(Every 3 months on-site check on back-ups, storage and system)