Advanced Computing Server with Facial Movement Recognition and Detection Software

Facial Recognition

Kyly Artificial Intelligence Video Analysis Solution (KAIVAS) Advanced Facial Recognition Technology uses computer visual technique to capture faces of moving person to conduct analysis, categorize, store and alert. It is not necessary for person to look at the camera to capture facial images

Action Platform - Computation Process for Black-listed person

Applicable areas of use for the advanced facial reocgnition system


Common areas Facial Recognition could be used


KAIVAS Advanced Facial Recognition System's important features

Dedicated Server

Uses an advanced computer server with our software to ensure effectiveness in our system.

Highly Accurate

Accuracy level of up to 99.7% for individual facial analysis and up to 99% for simultaneous multi-faces analysis

Multiple Face Scan

Simultaneously scan and capture multiple faces at the same time

Best Image Saved

System will compare multiple images of each particular face captured to store the image with the highest quality and another half body image of the person

Supported System 

Supports Windows32, Windows64, Linux, Unix and Windows CE Platform

2D/3D Image Computing

Unique technology to store each image at only 4k. Most other system store at 1 to 2 MB

Image Capture Tech

Advanced facial capturing technology not affected by sunglasses, partial blockage or angle

Light and Background

Lighting and background is modified to minimize effect on face capturing 

Blurry Image

Use of 3D multiple angle and multiple saved images to enhance image for identification

Fast Computation

Fast identification of image with stored 10,000 images in less than one second


Residential and Commericial Area

Install PTZ camera at entrances and exits to capture and store all visitors, guests or residents. Provide facial images to local authorities in the event of law-breaking. 

Law enforcement authorities

Stationary or mobile cameras to have advanced facial recognition to sieve through crowds to capture law-breakers or black-listed persons presence in the images. 

Restricted area

Capture unauthorised intruder facial characteristics for matching and alert for action.

Matching of documents

Useful at immigration or high security areas where identification documents are verified. Scan the document into the system and the camera will verify whether the photo on the document is the same person as the one holding it. 

Prisons and holding centre

Facial recognition of all work personnel, visitor and detainees. Connect to electronic magnetic lock for access by authorised person only. Unauthorised entry trigger immediate alert. 

Fast Search Function

Exceptional speed in the tracking, search and capturing of faces, up to 400 faces per second. About 30 seconds for search in database of 30 million faces.

Filtering Capability

Not affected by background, expression, outfit and long range of facial capturing only limited by CCTV camera specs.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use with manual or automatic facial registration and could use IOS system for monitoring and alerts.

High Computing Algorithms

Capture faces when partially blocked or at an angle to the camera

Fast Implementation

Easily integrated to existing CCTV system and does not affect previously installed software or operation


Smart Living

Intelligent locks, elevator control, visitor management, intelligent homes, intelligent estate management


Smart Monitoring

Attendance taking, unauthorised visitor alert, VIP alert, safety monitoring, connect to CRM


Smart Shop

Visitor numbering, gender differentiation, age group segmentation, emotion analysis, behaviour analysis, display analysis

Install list of black-listed persons' face

Record people's faces

Clarity of faces validated

Black-listed faces alert sent

Camera capture face images

Input faces into storage

Faces compared to specified list