Emotion Analysis

Motion emotion system automatically detects a number of specific properties in facial images through facial expressions and classify the expressions as happy, sad, angry, surprise, fear, disgust, neutral etc.


Advertisement Feedback

Get instant feedback on potential clients' reaction to advertisement platforms at malls, buildings or public areas. Adjust type and duration of clients' advertisement for optimal results.


Classroom Feedback

Students' emotional feedback will indicate the level of efficiency of a particular subject and teaching methodology. Important data for the formulation of optimal teaching methodology.


Consumer Analysis in Shops

Feedback will indicate level of interest or not at displays in shops and supermarkets. Data to be used in setting up of display for optimal results


High Accuracy and computing methodology

Advaned computing methodology ensure 99.7% accuracy in 1 to 1 analysis and 99% accuracy when implemented in 1 to many situation.


Detection of multiple emotions

Currently our system can detect 7 different emotions with more coming in the near future.


Fast detection

Detection of emotion and change in emotion requires less than 1 second of computing.


Multiple detection

Ability to detect emotions of multiple person altogether and thus suitable for use in crowded places. 


Emotional result analysis

Based on emotional analysis, predict the next course of action of the subject. 


Ease of configuration and use

Easily connect additional facial recognition system with API for more comprehensive analysis.