Artificial Intelligence Behaviour Analysis

Deep Learning + Active/Guided Learning algorithms resulting in fast & accurate results with minimal computing infrastructure

Behaviour Analysis Modules

The Behaviour analysis modules that can be implemented include Help Needed, Climbing Over or Up Falling Down, High-Rise Littering, Fighting or Violent Action, Restricted Smoking, Stealing Items, Group Gathering, Queue Cutting, Motionless Seating, Motionless Seating, Absent from Post, Leaving Post, Sleeping at Post, Safety Hat and even Sequential Actions. 

In Addition, with our use of Deep Learning Technology, customization of any behaviour important to your organization can be adapted and applicable within a short span of time, usually 3 to 6 months.

Help Needed

In events such as drowning, person falling, medical emergency etc. With the person raising of both hands being captured by the CCTV, the system will immediately notify person-in -charge of the situation

Climbing over or up

When person in CCTV image climb over barriers or up an obstruction to gain entry. Immediate alert for person-in-charge for fast remedial action

Falling Down

Detection of person falling down due to medical or accidental, in any place with the system in the CCTV giving immediate alert to person-in-charge to render or call for help

High Rise Littering

When CCTV capture person throwing items from height, alerts are sent and recordings saved in separate drive for easy retrieval. Object size detection depends on camera quality and distance from the object

With artificial intelligence behaviour analysis, CCTV cameras have become self-monitoring system that only alert person-in-charge of incidents that require attention. Doing away with persons needed to monitor CCTV images constantly yet may not be doing a good job at it, especially with large number of CCTV cameras.

Violent Conduct

Notification of any violent conduct or fights to person-in-charge for immediate action and prevent escalation of the situation

Stealing Items

Person stealing from another at crowded places can be detected through CCTV for immediate action by authorities. Or removal of specific items from specific places will activate the alert system

Restricted Smoking

Smoking at restricted area monitored by CCTV will send alert to person-in-charge for remedial action or warning

Group Gathering

The gathering of number of person in an area, regardless of reason, will trigger alerts for immediate monitoring or action especially at or near restricted areas.

KAIVAS Behaviour Analysis Modules are suitable for application in many places that require immediate action, be it hospital, school, factory, transport, residential and commercial. And the following uniqueness of our system means you can be assured of an effective and efficient system working for you 24/7. 

With less than one second computing and alert, effective of more than 99% is guaranteed

Wide range of behaviour analysis modules with more than 30 currently available

Accuracy level of more than 95% with behaviour analysis based on the body's vital points - Head, Neck, Elbows, Hands, Hips, Knees and Feet

Customization of behaviour modules not available but important to your operation in 3 - 6 months

Body Vital Points Systems

Our AI Behaviour Analysis System uses Body Vital Points System as well

Our Advanced System provide the following

Leading industry computation

Highly detailed analysis of body vital points and faces. Workable even with various background, fast movement and slant angle of CCTV etc.

Cover all vital points

Body Points covered include Head, Neck, Shoulder, Elbows, Hands, Hip, Knees and Feet.

fast system response

Fast system response ensure smooth operation and ease of use

not limited by numbers

All bodies in the CCTV will be analysed, not limited by number of people. Suitable for large volume traffic in malls, airports, exhibtions etc.