Kyly Tech Pte Ltd in collaboration with Taigu Computer System Co Ltd based in Shenzhen China is excited to launch our advanced software in Facial Recognition and Behaviour Analysis for the benefit of the public and private sector of South East Asia. Developed recently with several advanced features using cutting-edge technology, we believe our systems will fulfil most of the requirements of organizations that require Facial Recognition and Behaviour Analysis for a revamp of their security system. Quick and easy installation onto most existing CCTV cameras, our systems also offer affordability with the increase in productivity. 

Very importantly, our systems have been tested and implemented in various organizations ranging from Public Security to Educational Institutions to residential Estates to Major Factories to Smart Cities to Commercial Buildings to Communications Hubs and Public Transportation etc. With high degree of accuracy, large number of modules and prompt alert, our systems had received multiple commendations and certification. We also currently own 19 patents in area of Artificial Intelligence. As our systems are AI based, your unique requirements could be customized and implemented in a very short time as well. Let us know what you need.